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Rally Car Rack and Pinion Steering System

modern and classic power steering racksThe Kiley - Clinton rally car specification rack and pinion steering rack is manufactured in the United Kingdom - ensuring that our quality control is on site.

Rally Car Products

Escort Mk1 and Escort Mk2 Mexico extra heavy duty high ratio manual steering rack suitable for classic rallying etc.

This also comes with new poly mounting bush's and steel brackets.

Other complete racks / rack and pinion high ratio kits

Avenger * *
Capri *
Escort MK1 * *
Escort MK2 * *
Escort MK3 *
Fiesta MK2 * *
Mexico *
MG Metro 6R41 *
Morris Marina MK1 *
Morris Marina Mk2 *
Sierra * *
Sunbeam *
Vauxhall Nova *

Pinion bearings and other components available for some models please telephone for more details.

Kiley - Clinton can also offer a power rack remanufacturing service for : -

  • Sierra
  • Escort
  • Cosworth
  • Subaru

1 - These high ratio manual racks for MG Metro 6R4's are usually sold on an exchange basis and are supplied as a complete unit. For more information please call 0121 772 8000.

Fast And Furious 6 - Escort Mk1 Steering Rack Supplied

The filming of Fast And Furious 6 feautred an Escort Mk1, amongst other cars, (there were in fact 6 Escort Mk1's) prepared for the film. A little known fact is that Kiley - Clinton supplied the rack and pinion steering system for the cars. Sadly after the show the 6 cars were crushed, but the film lives on grossing over $780 million worldwide. So if you want to make a fantastically successful car chase action film, and need highly dependable steering, please do contact Kiley Clinton for specialist advice, and genuine manufacturing expertise.

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Brand new rack and pinion rally steering kits Brand new rack and pinion rally steering kits Brand new rack and pinion rally steering kits

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