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BMW E21 High Ratio Manual Steering Racks Right-Hand Drive

BMW E21 RHD Steering Rack

Developed in association with the leading members of the BMW E21 Classic Owners Club these racks are brand new.

A heavy duty phosphor bronze rack bush and modified slipper pad with grease nipple to aid lubrication of the steering assembly.

These high ratio E21 racks are 2.5 turns lock to lock.

  1. Pinion
  2. Slipper modified pad with grease nipple
  3. Phosphor bronze rack bush
  4. Rack Bar

BMW E21 LHD Driving Rack

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Kiley - Clinton not only supply the UK but ship worldwide.

For more information please telephone 0121 772 8000 - outside the UK / different time zone please use our contact form and we will get back to you typically next working day.

All major credit cards accepted apart from American Express.

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Countries That Drive On The Left

Therefore these steering racks which are right hand drive are very suitable for cars in the countries listed left.

These are sold without the
need to supply an exchange.

Export is no problem

If you are outside the United Kingdom and would be interested in purchasing one or more of these brand new BMW E21 manual steering racks please contact us with your address details and the timescale in which you would require delivery and we will gladly quote your requirements.

Credit and Debit Card Payments are accepted

Credit and Debit Card Payments are accepted via Visa and Master Card unfortunately we cannot take Amex.

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