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Every steering rack is guaranteed for 12 months / 12000 miles which ever occurs sooner from fitment date. However, the guarantee will become invalid in the event of any of the following fitment errors:

a) Any unit damaged when attempting to fit to a vehicle it is not suitable for.
b) Any unit having third party interference.
c) Units returned incomplete.
d) Damage to the rubber gaiters.
e) Damage to the pinion splines and tie rod threads caused by cross threading or over tightening track rod ends
f) Any unit contaminated by dirty hydraulic oil
g) Stripped or cross threaded feed and return ports.

In the event of failure, and that failure has occurred within the guarantee period, and having observed all precautions and where the unit has not been rendered inoperative as a result of fitting error, the unit will be exchanged free of charge provided detailed written information of the alleged fault accompanies the return of the unit.